Welcome to the DOSI Lab at the Beckman Laser Institute

DOSI is a technology designed to “see” metabolic tissue function and tissue architecture below the surface. DOSI provides high spectral resolution (as with MRS) with a low spatial resolution of functional quantities (as with PET) using a handheld probe and portable interface (as with ultrasound).   Check out the DOSI wiki to learn about instrumentation, theory, and even a little history about DOSI. We are heavily  engaged in translational research, where we conceptualize, construct, and test unique instruments designed to solve important medical/biomedical problems.

The DOSI Lab at UC Irvine is part of a NIH/NIBIB-supported technology P-41 Technology center designed to provide our technologies to other researchers (the Laser Medical and Microbeam Program (LAMMP)).  Collaborations are welcome and strongly encouraged at any level along the translational research pipeline.

We are also part of another NIH-supported multi-center network, the Network for Translation in Optical Imaging.  This network, composed of academic clinical research centers is now engaged in a multi-center clinical trial that features DOSI technology.  For more information, check out the American College of Imaging Radiology Imaging Network study site.

DOSI Standing Meeting Schedule

Group Meeting: Wednesday Noon-2 pm, BLI Library – View Schedule

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss research plans – experiments, grants, visitors, conferences, papers – anything that requires lab resources, as well as research topics relevant to DOSI.  Every other month will be a journal club format.

Tumor Board: Thursday 2-3pm, BLI Director’s Office

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss breast cancer topics related to ongoing clinical studies, such as patient data and quality control measures.

Latest DOSI News