There are currently two classes of instruments, with each having essentially the same function.

1st Generation Clinical DOSI Instrument

Current systems

LBS2 (UCIMC, Trauma Research)

LBS3 (UCI, Skin/Phantoms)

LBS4 (UCSF, Breast Cancer)

LBS5 (UCI, Breast Cancer, Muscle)

LBS7 (MGH, Breast Cancer)

LBS9 (Dartmouth, Breast Cancer)


2nd Generation Clinical Miniature DOSI Instrument

Current systems

mDOSI4 (Saitama Medical Universtiy, Japan)

mDOSI5 (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

mDOSI6 (UCI, Breast Cancer)

mDOSI7 (Boston University)

mDOSI8 (in production)

mDOSI9 (UCIMC Institute for Clinical and Translational Science)

mDOSI11 (Dankook University, BLI-Korea)