Lab Members

DOSI Group Photo (November 2015)

Group photo

Principal Investigators

Tom O’Sullivan, Ph.D.
Director, DOSI Lab
DOD Breast Cancer Fellow
Bruce Bruce Tromberg, Ph.D
Director, Beckman Laser Institute
Principal Investigator, Laser and Medical Microbeam Program (LAMMP)
Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Affiliated Faculty

Robert Robert G W Brown, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Beckman Laser Institute
3D endoscopy
APD photon-counting – and optical fiber sensors
Photon-correlation and Dynamic Light Scattering
Photonic systems engineering
tony2 Anthony Durkin, Ph.D
Associate Professor (In Residence)
Characterization of human skin with DOSI

Research Staff

chris_cropped_1398209681 Christopher Campbell, BS
Junior Specialist
Development of Low-Cost H. Pylori detector
kyle_cropped_1365792663 Kyle Cutler, M.S.
Biomedical Engineering
Handheld 3D tracking system for DOSI optical probes
Amanda Amanda Durkin
Optical Instrumentation Specialist
DOSI instrument design and construction
Brian Brian Hill, M.S.
Research Programmer
EZDOS data acquisition platform
SSFDPM data analysis
alex Alex Matlock, BS
Junior Specialist
DOSI Instrument Construction and Development
george_cropped_1393372202 George Philipopoulos, BS
Junior Specialist
Data Processing and Instrument Testing
hossein_cropped_1383149247 Hossein Seddighzadeh Yazdi, M.S.
Junior Specialist
Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy (subsurface flow)
Time Domain Optical Spectroscopy

Postdoctoral Scholars

anais Anais Leproux, Ph.D.
Optical technology translation Breast Cancer
ACRIN #6691 Clinical trial
Breast tumor detection with DOS
Robert Robert Wilson, Ph.D
Hewitt Fellow
Model-based tomography with DOSI 

Visiting Scholars

  Alice Giardini
Graduate Student, Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy)
shwayta_cropped_1393370235 Shwayta Kukreti, MD PhD
Radiologist (UCLA)
Spectral imaging of tumors
Ylenia Ylenia Santoro, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Scholar
DOSI in Colorectal Cancer
siavash_cropped_1389652783 Siavash Yazdi, BS
Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
FDPM Circuit Design

Graduate Students

Alex Jabbari
Biomedical Engineering
3D Endoscopy
Jesse Jesse Lam
Biomedical Engineering
Minimally Invasive DOSI Probes
Instrument Calibration Methods
rob_warren_2_cropped_1399669719 Robert Warren
Biomedical Engineering
CARE Fellowship Recipient (ICTS)
Hemodynamic and cardiovascular applications of DOSI

Undergraduate Students

 craig_cropped_1403889846 Craig Nishita
Biomedical Engineering
Real-time optical spectroscopy
seraphim_cropped_1393613705 Seraphim Telep
Biomedical Engineering
Minimally invasive DCS