There and back again (hopefully) – DOSI in Africa

This past weekend we cheerfully sent a newly-minted mDOSI instrument to Cote d’lvoire (Ivroy Coast) to participate in the AFSN-African Spectral Imaging Network.  Bruce Tromberg and Tom O’Sullivan are conducting a session in Diffuse Optics as part of the AFSIN workshop.  Of course with institute approval – we hope to pilot a few studies with the mDOSI instrument and inspire a new generation of scientists to use technology as a means to improve health care for all.

We hope to soon report exciting new results.

Safe and Sound

mDOSI5 has made it safely to Japan and after some last-minute tweaks and heroics, it is up and running. New breast cancer studies should be forthcoming.

New Feature: Paper of the week.

Each week we will add an interesting paper that covers something of technical/analytical/applicational interest to DOSI. The PDF’s will be loaded onto the server but you will need a password to access. Check out the new link on the right for this new feature.

UC Discovery

Tomorrow Dr. Bruce Tromberg and Dr. Albert Cerussi will be presenting the DOSI lab miniature instrument to a selection of representatives from the UC system. They recently received a “UC Discovery Grant” designed to accelerate lab technologies into the marketplace.

Summer Applications

Beckman Laser Institute High school Summer Clinic is open for applications. Please check out our latest information and complete your application today. Spots tend to fill up quickly and there are a limited number of openings.